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Neuro Physiotherapy

The Tools You Need

Neuro Physiothreapry refers to treatment of the physical impairment caused due to some problem in central or peripheral nervous system.

The symptoms of nervous system disorders are wide and can include, inability or weakness in movement, uncoordinated movement, or in some cases very tight spasms or tremors.

Apart from these movement disturbances, patients may have impaired sensation to touch, pain or temperature. In addition, they may present as speech abnormalities, difficulty in swallowing and altered vision.The specific conditions that require physiotherapy are too many to list down.

Here are just a few:


Multiple Sclerosis

Head Injury

Parkinson's Disease

Disorders of Gait and Balance

Facial Palsy


Guillain Barre Syndrome

  • Myasthenia Gravis

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

We have had great success in physical rehabilitation and management of these patients by following a individualized regime which is patient specific. We also offer home based treatment for bed ridden patients to treat, manage and improve their immobility.

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